Feel at one. With nature. With its tranquility. With yourself. No road leads to Mount Vigiljoch. What brings you here is the longing for clarity in an extraordinary form. The only way up to the Vigiljoch pass is by cable car, which takes you to 1500 m above sea level, where the vigilius mountain resort blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape of the Italian Alps.

The accommodation

Perched atop Mount Vigiljoch, located in South Tyrol, the jewel of the Italian Alps, this mountain hotel is governed by a simple principle that determines its direction and all decision making – “Eco, not ego”. On this foundation of gentleness and respect, Ulrich Ladurner and the architect Matteo Thun conceived and created the vigilius mountain resort. The outside blends seamlessly with the inside, united by nature as the central element.

Rooms & Suites

At vigilius mountain resort, you'll experience nature at your own pace. Large glass windows afford a view of a uniquely idyllic alpine environment, inspiring you to consciously stop and focus on the essentials. Our rooms are oriented towards the morning or evening sun, depending on your preference. Our suites offer extra space to appreciate this special place.

Surrounded by clarity.

To preserve this picturesque natural idyll, the Vigiljoch can only be reached by cable car. It is a place of enriching seclusion that has been highly sought after as a place of recreation since 1912, when the Vigiljoch cable car first opened. After the old mountain hotel fell into disrepair, the vigilius mountain resort integrated itself into the landscape with architectural care and ecological awareness in order to enter into a sustainable symbiosis with it. Respect for nature and the cultural heritage here can be felt in every aspect.

Aquiléia Spa

Water is the source of all life. In the Aquiléia Spa, it is the source of deep relaxation. Discover our 1200 m2 spa landscape. Soak in the pool, hot tub, sauna, steam bath and meditation room. Enjoy sports activities or indulge in massages and nurturing treatments for the body and face – you’ve found the right place for personalized relaxation.
Our top priority is harmony with nature, allowing you to experience sustainable relaxation.
We are here for you, so that you can feel at one with your surroundings and with yourself.